Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cool Weather Prevails

For weeks now the weather has been wonderfully cool. Everyone else complains, because people in consistently cool climates seem to enjoy blazing heat, but I'm very happy indeed. I haven't had to turn on my poor, creaky little A/C in weeks. This is nearly seasonal weather. I hope it lasts.

This is actually kind of a brief rest period between the heat of summer and the heat of winter. That is, in another three weeks or so, the central heat in the building will be turned on. The building heat is turned on based on the calendar, rather than the actual weather, so even if it's 85° outside, the heat goes on at a certain date. In fact, unless it's quite cold when the heat is turned on, I sometimes have to run my A/C just to keep the heat inside the apartment down. The pipes alone heat the apartment even if the radiators are off (but I can't seem to turn the radiators off, either). Thus, it's hot in summer … and usually hot in winter, too.

If this winter is actually seasonal (i.e., chilly), it shouldn't be a problem. If it turns out to be another non-winter as it has been in previous recent years, it's going to be a hot winter again. If the temperature outside stays below 50° F or so, things work out okay, and the building heat actually helps, but if the temperature outside hovers around 68° F or so, it gets too hot inside.

This summer has been unusually cool in relation to other recent summers, although it has been roughly seasonal much of the time—but in the past decade we haven't seen much seasonably cool weather. I've been quite happy except for a few inevitable heat waves.

The leaves are turning on some of the trees, which is considerably earlier than usual. Typically the trees only turn sharply around November or late October.

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