Saturday, August 30, 2008

Heat Wave No. 45,183

Hot weather has afflicted Paris again. Today was hot and humid, in contrast to the past few days which have been seasonal.

I had to drag myself outside to take clothing to the laundromat—Saturday night is my usual laundry night. I bought some milk and yogurt while the clothing was in the machine. When the clothing was done and dry, I came home. My creaky A/C keeps the temperature in the apartment slightly lower than that outside, thank goodness, and every little bit helps.

Despite the heat, people were out and about, this being Saturday night. The terraces of the restaurants are always full on Saturdays (and nearly so the rest of the week). The conditions inside restaurants on hot days are often stifling, which encourages people to eat outside. I live close to an area with lots of cinemas and restaurants and theaters, and it's usually busy in the evening no matter what the weather. I would have been tempted to go for more of a walk myself if the weather were cooler, but I get no enjoyment from an outdoor sauna, so I plan to spend my time flying (in simulation) and doing other things at home.

It's supposed to be cooler tomorrow.

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