Tuesday, December 8, 2020

The Changing of the Rules

The rules are changing again, as they do every day it seems. On the 15th, the need for a police form will be dropped, but an 8 PM curfew will go into effect. Cinemas, theaters, stadiums, concert halls, museums, and poker clubs will remain closed. People under 18 will be able to go to indoor sports centers, but not people 18 or over. Adults can only practice sports outside, and only up to six at a time unless they are on teams. People in nursing homes may visit relatives under certain conditions, but must be tested and observe other restrictions.

The Eiffel Tower is “closed until further notice.” Notre-Dame is closed indefinitely due to fire damage. The Louvre and Orsay museums are closed.

Caf├ęs and restaurants will remain closed, at least until January 20 (supposedly). Discotheques and clubs will remain closed … until further notice.

At least that’s the gist of things. Nothing seems to be fully documented anywhere, so I guess you only know for sure if you’re fined or jailed for breaking one of the zillion daily regulations. It’s easier to just not go out at all, which is what I do (except for groceries).

It’s hard to understand how I’m supposed to look for and find a new job under these conditions. It would be difficult enough under normal circumstances, but this is a hundred times worse. Barber shops haven’t even been open long enough to get a haircut, and so I look like a wild man or wolf-man, with a fur-covered face behind the legally mandatory mask.

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