Thursday, December 31, 2020

Daylight spotted

A sunset from last year
I saw daylight today for the first time since May. I usually buy groceries at night, but since this was the eve of a holiday I went out early, and the sun had just set, so it was still light outside. I don’t think I was exposed long enough to generate any vitamin D; nor did I collapse into a pillar of dust, which was reassuring.

The rules concerning the Deadly Virus keep changing. I just stay at home rather than try to figure out when, where, and how I’m allowed to go outside. Maybe that’s what the government wants.

I’ve been watching the videos on my YouTube channel just to remind myself what life used to be like, back when retail shops were open and solvent, and you could go where you wanted, when you wanted.

While sitting in my room I’ve been reading about the fast transition from democracy to dictatorship in Germany during the 1930s, and I’m seeing too many unsettling parallels between then and now.

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