Friday, December 25, 2020

Rainy days

The little refrigerator in my apartment is almost empty. This seems to happen every week or two, and it's very frustrating because it obligates me to leave my room just to go out and buy groceries. It has also been raining for days in Paris, and this further discourages me from going out. The grocery store is quite close, but in rain I must hold an umbrella, which means I can only carry one bag of groceries instead of two. And with the trouble I have just walking in a straight line these days, I worry also about slipping or falling. Nevertheless, objectively I cannot complain about the rain, since we're below our quota for rain in the City of Light.

The weather is supposed to be drier and colder today, but it is a holiday, so most stores are closed—that is, even more are closed than usual,  since virus hysteria has closed down a great many businesses already (some permanently). There might be a supermarket or two open, but I hesitate to get all ready and drag myself out only to discover that nothing in the neighborhood is open. I’m still thinking abut it. Maybe tomorrow.

I haven’t been outside for anything other than grocery runs, but I did see a photo in the news yesterday showing the area around the big department stores around the OpĂ©ra Garnier packed with shoppers, which I found encouraging. Maybe some people are breaking free from the brainwashing.

I’ve lost track of the current batch of restrictions linked to virus hysteria. Apparently there is still an 8 PM curfew, and everyone still has to wear a mask.I simply take the path of least resistance, by not going out at all. At some point, I really need to visit a laundromat and a barber, but with constantly changing rules I’m afraid to go out, and with increasing inactivity it is becoming physically harder and harder to do so.

The prime minister has submitted new legislation that would allow the government to declare and renew states of emergency without bothering to get the approval of parliament. I wonder if the legislation was translated from German. It is apparently also proposing restrictions on freedoms for those who don’t get vaccinations against the Deadly Virus. There’s probably still a stock of stars available in a warehouse somewhere; only the wording needs to be changed. Or maybe just a special number for those who have assumed the position and been vaccinated, like, say, 666.

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