Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Rules o’the day

Tonight the government announced the latest batch of arbitrary restrictions that all citizens must heed in order to accommodate the Deadly Virus hysteria.

"Non-essential" businesses may reopen on November 28 but must close at 9 PM. Bars and restaurants will remain closed until at least January 20. Cultural venues must remain closed at least until December 15. Religious services may resume.
Police forms must still be filled out before leaving one's domicile in order to avoid fines and imprisonment. (It's not clear how people can visit non-essential businesses, given that there's no space on the form for this type of outing.) The government has graciously extended the distance limit for walks and exercise to 20 km and 3 hours instead of 1 km and 1 hour.
The Champs in May
A new curfew will begin from 9 PM to 7 AM daily on December 15—except for Christmas and New Year.
As for the Deadly Virus, I can only presume that it has been ordered not to infect people during the periods and in the circumstances authorized by the Reich for human interaction.
All of this can change at any time if the government pulls new rules out of its hat. The rules for religious services will probably be revised within hours.
Oh, and just incidentally, I'm very frustrated by the failure of the Blogger interface to use typographic quotes. I just had to say that.

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