Sunday, November 22, 2020

I'll wait until tomorrow

I'm sorry I don't have more pictures or videos or stories from around town at the moment. Nobody is allowed to go anywhere in Paris and almost everything is closed.

Supposedly the Christmas lights on the Champs-Élysées were turned on this evening. I don't know if anyone was there to see it, since looking at Christmas lights is not among the approved justifications for leaving one's domicile in today's police state.

Christmas lights last year
I should have gone out for groceries this evening, since I only have some milk and Nesquik left, but I couldn't summon the energy. I'm rarely hungry, so it's often easier to fast for another day than it is to jump through all the hoops necessary to visit the supermarket (it's cheaper, too). Grocery shopping is always a chore, and it's a hundred times worse these days, with masks and police authorizations and curfews and such. And restaurants are closed. And I think deliveries are forbidden. I'm not sure because the rules multiply and change daily. I wish I could just push a button to fill the fridge.

The simplest course of action for me is just to not go out at all. Every day the government changes its mind, even though the virus does not—which strongly suggests that government officials have no clue. Masks are unnecessary; masks are mandatory. Shops are closed; shops are open. Some businesses must close; others may stay open. Some shelves in stores must be blocked; others can remain accessible. Everyone should work from home; everyone must return to the office. People should have stuff delivered; but deliveries are forbidden. People cannot go into a store and pick out what they want; but they can order it outside on their phone and then enter the store to pick it up. And so on. It's very tiring.

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