Monday, September 8, 2014

Long absence

For quite some time now, I’ve found myself shifting from primarily my desktop computer to primarily a wireless tablet. Most of what I do on a daily basis with a computer at home is more easily done with a tablet.

An exception, however, is blogging. Blogger allows me to enter text from a tablet easily enough, but it makes the addition of photos very difficult, and formatting them hardly seems to be possible at all. And since I like to put photos in my posts, that’s a big problem. As a result, I haven’t posted much since the shift to mobile devices. I’m not sure what the solution might be.

I’ve looked at the Blogger app in more detail. It seems that you have to give it unfettered access to all your photos, then upload them to Google’s cloud before you can insert any of them into a blog post. Obviously I’m not going to do that.

Another problem is that I am doing a lot of casual photography with my phone, so if I want to use photos from the phone on my blog via the PC, I have to transfer them to the PC, which is a pain. This would also be true with any other camera, but now I’m rather spoiled and I don’t want to take the time to constantly transfer and reformat photos for my blog.

Perhaps I’ll resort to simply writing text in my blog entries, with no photos. It seems that, more and more, doing anything online requires giving multinational corporations a copy of all your intellectual property, so that they can resell it or extort money from you to allow you access to it.


All kind of regrets said...

Hi, how are you? Why have you stopped posting?

Brian said...

I understand the problem with photos. My PC only has a single USB3 socket, and I have a wireless mouse plugged into that because my bluetooth mouse is unreliable. I can transfer photos from my phone only by USB cable. I can transfer photos from my camera either by USB cable or by wifi. But setting up the camera wifi settings is not easy, and they have to be changed every time I move to a different wifi network.

So I have to get out a USB-3.1 S-type adapter or a USB splitter to move any pictures around. Or use my USB3 socket and the computer touchpad. These options are all less than ideal.

I could move the memory card from the camera or phone to the memory card reader, but that is on my USB 3.1 s-type adapter.

Aprenta said...

Right now I'm composing all my blog posts on the PC, since I'm confined to home in any case. The photos are mostly in my iCloud account, and I sign into iCloud on the PC, download the photo I want, then upload it into the post. That is working okay for now.

Laura Bush said...

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