Saturday, April 12, 2014

Cold pizza, cold + pizza

The pizza place
Well, I’m infected with a cold again. I’m so tired of people hacking and sneezing around me. Why do they always wait until they are inside the bus or subway before they start to blow their noses?

So the weekend is ruined. Not that I’d be inclined to go outside, anyway, since I have only about €40 left to survive on until the end of the month, but the weather was supposedly nice (according to my weather apps), so it’s a bit of a wasted opportunity—April in Paris and all that.

I spent lots of restaurant vouchers on groceries on Friday night, and spent two more on a two-for-one pizza at a pizza store near me. The two pizzas will stay in the fridge and hold me over for 3-4 days. I also have some mini-pancakes in the fridge, which taste pretty good and are very cheap, only €1.61 for a pack of six. Other things I have include some plain tortillas, some cheese squares, some butter, some maple syrup, and some composite meatballs (half beef, half vegetable extenders). Plus milk.

Anyway, the pizza place is part of a small chain. Their pizzas are pretty good. There are other pizza places nearby. One of them has as its claim to fame the practice of hiring only girls to deliver the pizzas. It’s somewhat old-fashioned in my view, but in macho Latin countries companies can still get away with that. The girls I’ve seen on the scooters doing the deliveries are not pretty, and perhaps that’s a safety feature—a homely girl is less likely to be harassed. I’ve never tried their pizzas, since, if they have to depend on female delivery people as a gimmick, the pizzas can’t be very good.

I think there was a marathon last week in Paris. It’s always held early in the morning, though, and the last thing I feel like doing on a weekend is getting up early.

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