Monday, March 21, 2011

Paris in the spring

Well, spring arrived just after midnight today. The weather on Saturday had been quite chilly, but the weather on Sunday was vastly better, and today was even better. After finishing my morning class I went for a walk.

I filmed a minute or two of the Madeleine and the Opéra Garnier. I just uploaded that to YouTube as-is and released it to the public domain. Maybe someone can use it. Unlike many people who dabble in creative endeavor, I have no delusions of grandeur and I don't see any reason to assert copyright over a simple 90-second clip of traffic in front of a monument. I have to laugh sometimes at people who produce absolute garbage video or photos and then go to great extremes to protect their masterpieces, as if anyone would even want to steal their junk. In my case, there are trillions of people photographing the Madeleine and the Opera, so why in the world would anyone want my footage specifically? At least by giving it away I increase the chance that someone might make use of it; certainly nobody would be prepared to pay for it.

I noticed on Friday night that I was seeing double. That has never happened to me before, so it's a bit worrisome. I did some research and the symptoms resemble divergence insufficiency or paralysis (the latter is more serious than the former). I don't know what's causing it. It's a problem outdoors because things at a distance are doubled, but I don't have any trouble reading the monitor on my computer. It's very strange.

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